Xerox Elatec TWN3 Hidprox (497N04044)

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Over Xerox Elatec TWN3 Hidprox (497N04044)

The family of TWN3 RFID transponder readers is designed for easy integration into various applications. It supports all major transponders from various suppliers like ATMEL, EM, ST, NXP, TI, HID, LEGIC, INSIDE etc. and ISO standards like ISO14443A including ISO14443A-4 (T=CL), ISO14443B including ISO14443B-4 (T=CL), ISO15693 and ISO18092 / ECMA-340 (NFC). In order to achieve a maximum of flexibility, it is based on a modular design and combines a state-of-the-art reading performance. The device supports either USB or RS232 communication just in dependence on the connection cable. The family of TWN3 transponder readers is available in nine different versions: Each version as ready-to-connect desktop reader in a slim line black or white housing or as a OEM board (PCB) without housing for direct integration into embedded applications. Secure Access Module (SAM) is supported to enhance the security and cryptography performance in some readers to perform secure transactions, e.g. for paying terminals etc. Readers can be programmed with a script language for autonomous execution of even complex commands like login procedures, credit/debit functions and many more.